Better use of Context helps in building the system meaningfully with quality, creativity, and usability.
What we do is similar.

How we work

We help in developing systems with great understanding of the Context by building and creating a solid contextual plan. We consider all the key aspects required to propel system development within the specific framework of Why, How, Where, When, Who and What.

The Context plays an important role in defining the boundaries of a system. Considering the relevant and irrelevant factors, the system can be built aspects that are needed, meaningful and useful to its users. We eliminate what can possibly turn out to be a hindrance and help set focus on what is relevant. With our expertise in using the right context, we help in shaping an ordinary system to great system.

How we help your business

We help you in clearing all the irrelevant chunks by aligning your system development goals with the right context.

We determine who and what influences a system to be developed. We use this determination to define the scope of the development. If this scope is missing, requirements can remain incomplete or requirements that go beyond the actual scope of the development can be imposed. Therefore, problems, efforts and costs arise which can be avoided by a clear definition of the system context.

The determination of the system context answers three questions

  • What is to be developed?
  • Which other systems, interfaces, rules have to be considered during the development?
  • Which other systems, interfaces, rules do not have to be considered during development?

I make more effective decisions when I understand the context of how our work fits into the greater enterprise ecosystem.

I can better set up other developers for success by explaining the context around their tasks.

I am much faster fixing bugs and addressing questions when the context of the problem is fresh in my mind.

I can more effectively troubleshoot problems and write actionable defect reports when I understand the environmental context of the functionality I am testing.