Web development

For any system to be developed, it is important to take into account the key aspects that enable the development of the system. We don't just help in restructuring the environment where the system interacts but also create a right web context for a well defined system boundaries.

Windows application development

We bring the best ideas and bespoke experts to the table when it comes to the broad window marketplace. We have an experienced team of professionals to cater to the development of best window based applications while keeping the context in mind. We know what it needs to garner the best of the significant market attention when it comes to designing a context focused system that boasts of the world's best and modern designs that also embodies impressive simplicity.

Mobile app development

Our specialised team of developers is quite skilled at developing great mobile applications. Developing brilliant apps require innovation, modern technology, Creativity and context and we are skilled in developing sound systems focused on the right and relevant context. We build and create robust mobile applications that perfectly suits all your needs.

Data connectors development

In today’s business world, context is key – and being able to react on time to any change happening is a necessity. Consolidating your information through modern data connectors in one point of access will give you the flexibility you need and help you gain a great amount of time – far from being a luxury in our currently fast-paced, instantaneity-driven business environments. Indeed, you will not need to manually update any file anymore as our software is doing it automatically for you. While keeping irrelevant chunks that might hamper the system connection at bay and keeping the ones that are in sync with its context alive even while developing a system connecting data.

Plugins/extensions development

Our robust contextual system allows seamless integration of multiple plugins and extensions for added functionality. Keeping this in mind, we develop top quality plugins which cater to the need of different e-com sellers and complete their integration as well while keeping context in the core of its functionality, we develop effective plug-in extensions.

BI Tools

Achieve maximum efficiency with Data driven, context based Intelligence Companies use BI to improve decision making, cut costs and identify new business opportunities. It includes several activities, including data mining, online analytical processing, querying and reporting. Casewhentek equips businesses with these activities which are smart, innovative, quick, effective and confidential. We enable companies operating in increasingly data-centric applications to define and execute strategy for data management and Business Analytics from multiple sources.